YOU are already Perfect, Whole, and Complete.


One of the most important decisions you can ever make is to choose the support, assistance and skill of a Spiritual Practitioner. As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I can assist you to usher in the next stage of your spiritual growth and anchor your development with Universal Principle. Through the the art of Affirmative Prayer, Life Visioning and Meditation, we will work together to reveal your inherent wholeness and stabilize your life structures; allowing you to awaken to even more Abundance, Love and Peace and to live the life that you truly love. If you are ready to accept your mandate to awaken and soar into your best yet to be, I would be honored to walk that path with you!

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Spiritual counseling

Spiritual Counseling reveals your inherent Wholeness and Perfection.

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For beginning a meditation practice or deepening your current meditation practice.

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Life visioning

The Life Visioning Process is used to activate the highest potential in your life or to gain clarity.

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Public speaking & sacred Ceremony

Find out how to have John officiate your sacred ceremony or speak at your next event.

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