One of the most important decisions you can ever make is to choose the support, assistance and skill of a spiritual Practitioner.

As a Spiritual Counselor and Practitioner, I work with traditional modes of therapy as well as Universal Spiritual Principle to reveal your inherent wholeness and perfection. It is the wholeness in me that serves the wholeness in you. There is no hierarchy between us - there is only equality. It is through equality that I can be of service to you. A spiritual Practitioner is trained in the art of Affirmative Prayer and Life Visioning. In addition we will work with tools that facilitate clearer, loving communication and personal responsibility.  


Spiritual Counseling

As a Practitioner, I begin with the certain knowing that YOU are already whole, perfect, and complete. My work is to assist you in revealing your own perfection. The Practitioner holds the confidence of clients as sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone except where the Practitioner is legally mandated to report specific events.


What to expect in a Practitioner Session:

  • Sessions typically last 45 minutes to one hour and may take place in person, by phone or video call.

  • You may record the session

  • Every session begins and ends with affirmative prayer, as well as begins with a centering meditation

  • In this field of prayer, I will assist you in realizing the spiritual truth about your life, to release false beliefs and transform the your living.

  • Sessions can also include Affirmation Exercises, the Life Visioning Process, Visualizations, Relaxation  & Centering Techniques, Spiritual Tools, Meditation, Emotional Release and much more

  • My fee: $125: Individual / $175: Couples [for 60 minute sessions] - This is a professional service and I can have a sliding scale if necessary.


    • Individual Sessions: $125/hour - sliding scale if necessary

    • Transformational Journey Package 1: Includes Three (3) sessions/$300

    • Transformational Journey Package 2: Three (3) months, Unlimited Texts and Emails, 12 sessions/$1,000

    • Transformational Journey Package 3- COSTA RICAN INTENSIVE: Three (3) months, Unlimited Texts and Emails, 12 sessions + 1 week intensive in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Includes room & board and sacred travel in beautiful Costa Rica. (Airfare not included)/$5,000

“The wisdom that pours out of John Jacob is said with such grace it is easy to listen to and embody into my own life. He is rooted in wisdom and power, his heart felt listening allowed me to open and be vulnerable in my sessions with him. My conversations with him are easy and uplifting. Grateful for his YES to be of service. John Jacob is full of Love, I appreciate his deep intuitive prayers and I am “lit up” after praying with him!”
— Danny Parizek