Rev Dr Julie Moret, Agape International Spiritual Center

Rev Dr Julie Moret, Agape International Spiritual Center


John Jacob represents excellence. He conducts himself with professionalism, joy, humor, sincerity and depth. I am so grateful for his trustworthiness, his commitment to spiritual growth and transformation, and his sincere heart. John Jacob truly is a beneficial presence on the planet!

Karen Mills-Alston    Author & Spiritual Teacher

Karen Mills-Alston

Author & Spiritual Teacher

To know John Jacob is to experience a man who lives his life fully and is always available to do his best.  He is articulate, intelligent, compassionate, generous, kind and so much more. I trust him as he shows up in life with integrity, listening from a place of authentic dedication and a willingness to give, share and learn.  What more is there? John Jacob is like no one else and that is something to celebrate!

Dr. Rickie Byars-Beckwith

Dr. Rickie Byars-Beckwith

John Jacob who I refer to as Mubarak is transparent even unto himself and this makes for a great practitioner. And he is not shy about serving and helping others.  I have traveled with him and witnessed his humor, his compassion and his love for people. He makes the day brighter by just being himself and effectively gets the job done. For me, it is imperative that a practitioner truly loves people even as he prays to see the highest and best for them. But before that can happen, he must know himself and be willing to shed those things which no longer serve him. And he must love himself and therefore love God and be willing to follow where the Spirit leads. I have seen this kind of courage and willingness in John Jacobs. I think he would make a very fine practitioner for almost anyone.


Leigh Simran Brown, ALSP    Executive Director, Office of Michael Bernard Beckwith & Special Projects

Leigh Simran Brown, ALSP

Executive Director, Office of Michael Bernard Beckwith & Special Projects

John Jacob is a consummate student, teacher and practitioner. His great love of humanity, brilliant mind, commitment and spiritual consciousness make him a powerful spiritual counselor.  

Khan Moshiri    Kinesiologist, Performance Coach and Speaker

Khan Moshiri

Kinesiologist, Performance Coach and Speaker

His instant accessibility to a diverse multidisciplinary new age philosophy in combination with his presence disrupts your subconscious undesired patterns. He is a facilitator of truth, and his ability to see beyond himself serves almost anyone who he encounters along this cosmic path. His camaraderie has been a catalyst to my ongoing conscious adventure. He is singular and incomparable, and that is what makes him one of a kind.

Ville Aleksi Salminen

Ville Aleksi Salminen

John Jacob - Someone I miss being around

Although my life is pretty darn great and full of light these days (to a huge extent thanks to John), I have to say that I sometimes feel like it’s just too bad that we humans are bound to space and time. What leads me to this feeling is the fact that I don’t get to be around John any more than I do. We live half a world apart, in time zones that are pretty much the exact opposite of each other. Obviously, technology has reduced this gap to some extent through some of its extraordinary inventions, but it doesn’t, and cannot remove the fact that I miss this amazing human being.

When I first met ‘JJ’, I was not spiritual by any definition, and to be honest, him suddenly asking me to pray together took me by surprise. I had not experienced a proposal like that ever before, at least not outside of the church. But John came off as a very genuine and trustworthy person, so I decided to be open-minded about it and just “take the jump” by participating in prayer with dear John.

I’m glad I did. You see, this prayer was nothing like I had expected. I thought prayers were religious, dogmatic and just plain boring. But this one was not! It just fell in place instantly. It was custom made. It was funny. It sounded almost like he was rapping his prayers, at times. He still does this, and it always cracks me up. Or rather fills me with innate laughter and happiness, as I’m curiously trying to listen to where he is going next. The man just Flows!

Looking back at it now, taking the time to pray with John that day expanded my world-view hugely, and the impact of that still keeps sending its positive ripples throughout every area of my life. What I’m trying to convey with my little story here, is that it doesn’t matter whether one is a deeply spiritual person or someone with no experience in such thing; John’s practices come straight from the heart, which means that he will always meet you where You are, taking into careful consideration your world view, personality, wishes and needs.

Whenever I get to interact with John, his immense, timeless wisdom, calm manners, as well as the peaceful space, unconditional acceptance and deep listening he comes with always elevates me to higher frequencies and brings about a big smile across my face. Whether it’s a matter of feeling like ranting about something recent that has been burdening me, having a deep, heartfelt conversation about the wonders of life, praying together or just simply being, John will always be my go-to person.

Thank you for being here, JJ! 😊

Jareb Liewer    CMT/HHP

Jareb Liewer


John Jacob is such a compassionate and beautifully trained listener.  He distills even the most tangential rants down into their most concise form, shedding light on what his client is asking the universe for, even if it wasn't clear to the client.  He reaches deep into his archive of literature he has read, his multi-cultural treasure trove of wisdom is astounding, and he passionately and precisely comes up with the perfect advice, quote, anecdote or passage that the situation calls for. He has helped me in ways I can't even begin to explain.  He is connected to the universe as a true healer and true conduit.

Akosia, Ngozi (Ngozi RA)

Akosia, Ngozi (Ngozi RA)

John Jacob, an extremely talented, gifted and insightful spiritual being. He is an intentional spiritual word smith and brings an invitation of expanded awareness and a fire spirit of evocation of an encounter and experience with and within the Living Presence in the now moment through his presence of being, his writings, teachings and his authentic one on one interactions with students and clients. If you’re ready to grow and evolve in your conscious awareness, John Jacob is your practitioner, teacher, counselor and guide for the journey of Divine Love.

Kandace Kuwahara, ALSP    Founder and Visionary, Infinite Love Animal Rescue

Kandace Kuwahara, ALSP

Founder and Visionary, Infinite Love Animal Rescue

John Jacob is a wonderful Practitioner and a valued friend. We spent two years together in Practitioner studies. He has a beautiful and expanded consciousness, and I believe he is naturally gifted as a spiritual counselor. He is sweet, charming, and very loving. I always feel uplifted in his high-vibration presence.