I am John Jacob Mubarak

Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner... 

In my studies and journeys I have come to know that there are Universal Principles that govern our lives. Through the use of these Universal Laws we can stabilize the structures that support us in living our lives fully, to be liberated from limiting beliefs that keep us from fulfilling our mandate for enlightenment and to live our lives in service to what we truly love - fully empowered and fully self-expressed.

Life has lead me in many seemingly diverse directions the culmination of which was to complete my studies with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith at The Agape International Spiritual Center and University for Transformational Studies in Culver City, California.

Studying at Agape under the auspices of Rev. Michael changed my life as I realized that each of the various paths I had taken in life were preparation for a deep awakening to my own spiritual unfolding and the desire to walk that path with others. Ultimately to live a life surrendered in service to the Spirit of Truth and the grand idea of a world that works for the best and highest individual and collective Good. As my teacher so beautifully states - we are all here to be the beneficial presence on the planet and to awaken to our greatness.

I am currently living in Los Angeles and Costa Rica. In 2017 I had the distinct pleasure of working with Foster and Kimberly Gamble of the Thrive Movement. I am currently the Director of Marketing for Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and continuing to serve through healing and teaching. My life is a demonstration of how Spirit moves in unexpected ways to bring us to a life that is more than we could have ever imagined. My deepest desire is to walk this path with you to the life that you love!

A little about my various paths...I have learned that each path has been in preparation for my work as a Spiritual Counselor and Healer. My Father had a restaurant for 66 years in Tucson, Arizona. I grew up in the service industry and learned at an early age the art of being of service by cultivating an innate ability to anticipate even the unexpressed needs and wishes of my guests. My collegiate experiences and travels also shaped me professionally. While in college, I studied Classical Rhetoric, Philosophy and Humanities at Arizona State University. After graduating I set out to tour Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.  Eventually landing in Mexico for three years where, in addition to teaching Industrial Engineering and English at Universidad Panamericana and Universidad de Guadalajara, I also managed import concerns for international businesses along the U.S.-Mexico border. Returning to the United States, I worked for management companies and produced workshops on topics as diverse as Cuban dance and drum, Total Quality Management, Process Improvement and Affirmative Prayer. Finally settling in Los Angeles, California to manage the Sales Department for 9 years at the premier Yacht Charter company in Southern California.

You deserve to live the life that you love! You are here to wake up to your Divine purpose. When you are in alignment with our Higher Purpose you will find peace of mind, health of body, wisdom, understanding, love and an abundant supply of all things necessary to meet every want without making any of those things the object of your existence.