Sprouted Seeds

“...this Infinite is the Infinite Potentiality of all abstract personalness. God is Universal, Life is Universal, but at the point where the consciousness of man contacts It, It becomes personal. We are Its Personality.”  - Ernest Holmes

Even though I know and have constant demonstrations proving that I am always carried by the flow of Universal Good, there are moments in my life when the uncertainty in the process of becoming overwhelms me. I recently bought some sprouted seeds and nuts because they’re higher in protein, nutrients and easier to digest. Examining the offering at the farmer’s market, I couldn’t really tell the difference between a sprouted or regular seed. Germination - the transition phase from seed to new plant, is the process by which anything expands into greater being from a smaller existence. During this period, the metabolic machinery of the seed is reactivated and, using food reserves stored in the protective coat, produce the nutrients needed for the coming burst of growth; yet no tap root or sprout has emerged. The seed appears externally unchanged while internally there is a major activation of latent potentiality going on.

I feel like that sprouted seed. Something has been activated within me. I have great expectations as everything around me signals alignment with my soul’s providence.

And yet, the tap root and plumule of this new phase in my evolution have not emerged. My ego-self tries to confine me in limitation whispering: “it’s too hard, you’re just going to fail, don’t bother, stay here nice and cozy, it’ll be just like old times!”

I feel something’s changing so I stay the course with meditation and prayer and I find patience when I see that my evolutionary progress cannot be stopped. I find Perfection, Order, Balance and Abundance in the rich dark soils of emerging as even the coverings and coping mechanisms that once served and protected, now provide the very fuel needed for the next stage of expansion into greater existence. I am grateful for awareness found in sprouted seeds.

Affirmation: Today, I have great expectations! I consciously open myself up to Spirit’s gentle guidance, knowing my soul’s progress is certain and the way has been made.

God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omniactive

I have heard this principle many times over the last four years and sometime over the last year, something shifted in my understanding about the Omni-nature of God. I have begun to look more and more to “Nature as my teacher” as Brother Ishmael so elegantly stated on his last visit to Agape. The First Law of Thermodynamics and Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity are two scientific observations of Nature that provided for me, an entry point for my personal revelation about the omni-nature of God. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but can be converted and transferred into different forms. When interpreted through a metaphysical lens, this is a statement about the eternal nature of the Creative Energy of the Universe - God. In other words, the Eternal Energy of Life can neither be created nor destroyed and is constantly shifting into different forms. Further, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity gives the profound implication that energy and matter are one in the same thing - just converted or transferred into different and varied forms. Mass or matter are really just very slow, compacted, stored energy.  The idea that matter and energy are versions of each other gave me insight into the universal truth principle: God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omniactive. The creative impulse of the universe - God - as the singular energetic compulsion, everywhere, all the time, expressing in infinite ways. Some expressions are inanimate, some are animate, some even have consciousness all from the same energy - rock, tree, bird, me, sun, moon, stars and sea - all a singular substance - God energy. First Law of Thermodynamics and Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity gave me an access point to a deeper knowing, found only in still, quiet moments. A knowing beyond any theoretical framework, that the omnipresence and omni-activity of God is expressed as the manifest world. That the very activity of manifestation is a clear indication of the omnipotence of this Eternal Energy; and the elegance, order and balance of the manifest world substantiates the supreme omniscience of The Creative Energy in back of all Life.