Discover your Life Purpose - The Answer is already within you - Life Visioning can reveal it to you.


The Purpose of Life Visioning…

The purpose of the Life Visioning Process as developed by Michael Bernard Beckwith and taught at Agape is to prepare a place in individual consciousness for a Divine idea to manifest. Visioning is based on the Truth Principle that there is a Spiritual Idea - a perfection - that exists at the center of everything, otherwise nothing could exist. Visioning differs from visualization. The Life Visioning Process is an intuitive activity that allows an idea from the quantum field of infinite possibilities to come forth in the mind. Visualization endeavors to manifest something specific that one may wish to have or do. The purpose of The Life Visioning Process is to become a conduit, to be available and receptive to something beyond the current capacity of our imagination. It is intuitive rather than ingenuitive. The “vision” or idea may be received immediately or days later. It can come in the form of a word, an image, a color, a symbol, a song or an insight. It is important to remain reverential and attentive to everything that comes into your awareness throughout the process so as to catch the idea that is wanting to emerge. The Life Visioning Process can be used to activate the highest potential in one’s life, for specific projects, businesses, organizations, groups and individuals.

To know John Jacob is to experience a man who lives his life fully and is always available to do his best. He is articulate, intelligent, compassionate, generous, kind and so much more. I trust him as he shows up in life with integrity, listening from a place of authentic dedication and a willingness to give, share and learn. What more is there? John Jacob is like no one else and that is something to celebrate!
— Karen Mills-Alston Author & Spiritual Teacher