the process of quieting the mind and creating space between the content of the mind - thoughts - and the truth of who you are - infinite consciousness


Meditation guidance

As a Spiritual Counselor and Practitioner, meditation is the cornerstone of daily spiritual practice. If you are new to meditation and feel like you have “tried this before and I can’t sit still” - don’t worry, you are not alone. Trust in the process and you too can experience the research confirmed physiological and psychological changes take place in the body during meditation as well as the life altering changes that out-picture in your living through a simple and short meditation practice.

Rev. Michael Beckwith states the mediation is the practice of paying undistracted attention to reality. Meditation is a technique for arriving at a state of inner quietude through which our inner voice becomes active.  Increasing intuitive capacity to receive direct guidance from within and uplifting the spirit in a state of conscious union with your Higher Self. As a personal spiritual practice, meditation is considered the cornerstone of the practitioner's deepening of our communion with Spirit.

As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I am a trained meditation guide able to help support individuals and groups to create and maintain and unbreakable awareness of Divinity. I teach meditation techniques and tools supporting individuals, groups, or organizations to create a meditation practice or deepen the one they already have. Benefits of learning and practicing meditation are:  increased productivity, inner peace, happiness, centeredness, clarity and calmness. Meditation leads us to widening fields of awareness, the realization of an ever increasing Good and an ever deepening sense of oneness with Source.

“His instant accessibility to a diverse multidisciplinary new age philosophy in combination with his presence disrupts your subconscious undesired patterns. He is a facilitator of truth, and his ability to see beyond himself serves almost anyone who he encounters along this cosmic path. His camaraderie has been a catalyst to my ongoing conscious adventure. He is singular and incomparable, and that is what makes him one of a kind.”

— Khan Moshiri - Kinesiologist, Performance Coach and Speaker